What Makes Us Different?

Dogs are full of love and we think they deserve a whole heap in return. And, aside from a cuddle and tummy rub, what do dogs enjoy most? That’s right, treats! For us, that means only the tastiest and healthiest. Here’s a little more about our values…

golden labrador dog with a bone natural dog treats


All our treats are free from wheat, maize, soya and barley that can cause sensitive stomachs or itchy skin. Our vegan treats include rice, chick pea flour or oats – so only the dog friendly grains. We don’t sell cheap treats, we sell good treats.

dog with a bone natural dog treats


We only source from within the UK and EU (where welfare standards are higher) and will not accept cheaper alternatives from China or Thailand. Our natural dog treat subscription boxes are hand picked and packed with love.

beagle dog sitting playfully with a chew treat


Many treats are made with ingredients such as meat meal. We only include treats that contain natural and, where possible, human grade ingredients like chicken, trout or beef. Most of our treats are 100% meat or fish.

black dog looking at their owner dressed in a bobble hat looking towards distant mountains


We avoid plastic packaging. October’s box was plastic free, so all our treats were packed in compostable corn starch bags. As usual our poop bags were plastic free too. Our goal is to be good for the planet, and good for your dog.