What do you mean by good grains?

We’ll only send you treats that don’t contain wheat, barley or maize. Our treats will include up to 80% meat or fish along with dog-friendly ingredients like rice, oats or sweet potato. When you read the ingredients on our packets you’ll recognise them – there won’t be any mystery animal by-products or meat meal.

When you say you’re ethical, what do you mean?

We won’t ever source products from countries such as China or Thailand, as their welfare standards are lower and include farming practices the UK and EU no longer allow. Our meat and fish treats are all sourced from within the UK and EU as animal welfare and food standards are higher.

What other treats do you include?

Dogs do love to chew so we include natural goodies such as pigs ears and chickens feet in our boxes. They may not look every pretty but they’re healthier than rawhide and our hounds love them. We’ll also send you fishy treats such as sprats – not only are these an excellent source of omega 3 but they’re a sustainable fish source.

When will I receive my box?

We send out our boxes around the 1st day of the month, so you should receive your box by the 7th of that month. If your box hasn’t arrived please contact us here.

Will the boxes fit through the letterbox?

Our treat boxes are so crammed full of goodies unfortunately our boxes are too big to fit through a letterbox. On the plus side it also means your faithful friend won’t be able to help themselves once the postie has been. You might like to consider having your box delivered to your work address instead.

What payment options do you provide?

We process all payments through a credit card processing company called Stripe. Rest assured your details are stored safely and securely.

How do I cancel my box?

We’ll be very sorry to see you go but you just need to login and follow the simple instructions on your account page. Have we done something wrong? Get in touch here and we’ll try to make things right again.

What do I get in my box?

The contents will differ month to month but standard subscribers will always receive four packs of treats which are natural and ethically sourced, along with four rolls of plastic-free compostable poop bags – as we’re on a mission to minimise plastic waste. And sometimes you’ll find an extra seasonal surprise as a thank you for being a subscriber.

You can see an example box here

What do you mean by super size me?

Our dog, Jenson, is a bit of a pig. There’s no denying it. So we like to offer a super size version of our subscription box. You’ll receive 50% more contents, so perfect for hungry hounds, or if you have two dogs.

Do you include rawhide?

We don’t think that rawhide is very good for dogs so we will never include it in our boxes.

Are the boxes suitable for puppies?

We recommend only giving a gift or a subscription box to a puppy 16 weeks or older.

What do I get in a deluxe gift box?

We’ll send your friend a range of treats and goodies – including three bags of treats, a premium ethically sourced toy, a natural dog shampoo bar and nose & paw balm. Gorgeous! We’ll also include a free organic cotton tote bag along with a card to tell them who the gift is from, so don’t forget to write a special message at the checkout.

You can see an example box here

Any other questions?

If you have any other questions, feedback or ideas for us we’d love to hear from you. You can get in touch here.