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Love natural dog treats but hate plastic waste?

Plastic-free dog treat packaging is something that Dog With a Bone is passionate about. Wasteful plastic is damaging to the environment, yet too many dog treats are heavily packaged in plastic. It creates plastic waste that is sometimes difficult to recycle, or at worst not possible to recycle.

We love plastic-free

Here at Dog With a Bone we’re actively minimising our use of plastic. This included our decision to only have plastic-free dog poop bags in our subscription boxes when we launched this year. But it doesn’t end there…

Happy hounds + happy planet

We know you love our natural treats (thank you!) so now we have decided to extend this philosophy. We have now decided to only include plastic-free dog treat packaging in our subscription boxes.

Doing our bit for plastic waste

Most of our treats will be packaged in Vegware packets made of corn starch. Or we’ll use greaseproof paper instead – which is also fully compostable or recyclable, just like normal paper. Our monthly boxes are mailed out in recycled cardboard. We only use acid free FSC tissue paper and compostable stickers and labels on our dog treat packets.

Together we can be greener

We think that we can all work together to be more eco friendly to help keep our planet free from plastic-waste. Every decision we make as individuals has a cumulative impact. We hope you join us in our goal to minimise plastic.

Woof woof x

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