How it all began

When my dog, Jenson, was diagnosed with cancer, I became interested in dog nutrition and the impact it can have on their health. I’d always made sure Jenson’s food was grain-free and a high meat content, but hadn’t really given as much thought to the treats I fed him. Reading the packets I realised that meat meal and animal by-products were standard ingredients, along with maize and wheat.

I started by introducing more natural treats such as chicken feet and chicken necks. He loves them – and as he’s an older boy I know the glucosamine content helps with creaky bones too. The same goes for sprats – they’re full of omega 3 and a sustainable fish source.

This is why I launched Dog With a Bone. To curate healthy, sustainable dog treat boxes to ensure everyone can give their dog the very best.

As a small startup it means making a few compromises – we had hoped to only include plastic-free packaging but at current volumes this isn’t always possible. One day we hope to use more organic ingredients too. Currently it’s just not viable whilst keeping the boxes at a reasonable price.

For now we ensure all treats are sourced from within the UK and EU. We will never include products from countries such as China or Thailand, where animal welfare standards aren’t as strict as in the UK. And our poo bags are made from vegetable starch, so are completely plastic-free.

We hope you like Dog With a Bone and that your faithful friend enjoys our treat boxes. If you have any thoughts or ideas do get in touch, we’d love to hear from you. Or join us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and post up pics of your lovely pooches.

Woof woof

Debbie and Jenson x

dog with a bone founder debbie warren with her faithful friend jenson the dog