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What no rawhide dog chews?

Remember those big old rawhide dog chews your parents used to buy Fido when you were a kid? We used to think they were good for our furry friends – something to keep them occupied and an acceptable thing to chew (well, better than granny’s table leg anyway).

Well that’s until we found out how rawhide chews are made. Here’s how…

What is rawhide?

Firstly, rawhide chews are made from the inner skin leftover from the leather industry. Seems okay so far – it’s a ‘waste’ product that’s being repurposed, right? And we’re all for using up all the bits and bobs to avoid waste.

Well actually this is when it gets a bit icky. The skin is then soaked in brine to preserve it and is then transported – sometimes months later. It’s then soaked and treated with lime to help separate the fat from the skin, whilst any hair is removed by chemicals. It’s not sounding so wholesome so far, is it? Flavouring is often added at this point to make it more palatable. In our opinion, if it doesn’t taste good in its natural state, it aint good.

What else?

Pooches with crocodile jaws can often bite off large chunks and these can linger in their intestines for months before breaking down. It’s possible they’ll cause gastrointestinal issues during this time. These larger chunks can also be a choking hazard. Rawhide chews are really best for delicate chewers.

What’s our view?

There are so many alternatives now we don’t really see the point in rawhide. With this in mind we will never, ever include rawhide chews in our treat boxes at Dog With a Bone. We prefer pigs ears or bull’s pizzles (sometimes called bully sticks). They may be a bit stinky but it’s because they haven’t been over processed. So they’re naturally tasty and are a real treat for your furry pal to chew. Oh and they’ll help to keep their nashers clean too.


Photo by Artem Bali on Unsplash


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