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Why are natural dog treats best?

Here at Dog With a Bone we choose only the best and most natural dog treats for your doggos. No preservatives. No nasties. Why?

Only the good grains

We believe that like us, our dogs deserve to receive healthy and tasty treats. Wheat and some other grains may cause our dogs to have itchy skin or stomach problems. We prefer to send your best friend treats made from 100% meat or 100% fish.

Hand picked with love

We buy our 100% meat and fish treats from within the UK and EU. We won’t ever compromise on quality or animal welfare standards. Cheap treats from China and Thailand aren’t ever included in our boxes.

Vegan treats

We also include vegan treats – such as turmeric booster biscuits – hand made here in sunny Brighton. Turmeric is known to have anti inflammatory properties that may help with a range of health issues in dogs. Your doggos will also have a chance to enjoy other vegan treats made of peanut butter and sweet potato. Tasty!

Dog With a Bone was set up to deliver only the best of the best to your dog – because you care about their food and treats. Find out more here.

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